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       Welcome to my studio

       My name is Alejandro De Jesús. I’ve loved art all my life as much as I’ve enjoyed teaching drawing and painting for 28 years. I am now retired from teaching and have decided to sell some of the pieces I did during the years of teaching in my studio. You will find an extensive and varied quantity of original, affordable Paintings. Notice that some of the paintings are more thematically and highly-finished while others may show some looseness in the spirit of creativity. Some sketches are not priced for they are only sentimental memories for you to see. The Modern Figure Painting (gesture paintings) were done from live models changing poses from two to four minutes long. Some of them are scratched or unfinished and sold “as is”. Included are also charts and Demonstrations I did as lessons for my students. Shipping of paintings in the 48 Contiguous United States is free. All items are offered unframed. I always like to keep in touch with collectors who buy my art because they have something of which I am a part. This means that when you acquire one of my works of art we enter into a personal relationship no matter where you are. Even if you decide not to purchase any piece, I appreciate your visiting my studio. Enjoy the show!

Alejandro DJ